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More than halfway done: the scaffolding in the choir loft of Ulm Cathedral will take up the space of around 16 detached houses from next week.

Report from 23 January 2019

Modern BIM methodology in scaffolding meets historic building fabric

Press report from 19 June 2019

The 13,000 m³ PERI UP birdcage scaffold in the choir room of Ulm Cathedral was constructed as a free-standing structure – without anchors to the historic building structure.

(Foto: PERI GmbH)

The choir room of Ulm Cathedral is 29 m long, 15 m wide and 26 m high. During the renovation work, it will not be accessible to visitors for almost a year.

(Foto: PERI GmbH)

Due to the lack of as-built plans, the interior was recorded with the help of 3D laser scanning and transferred into a 3D building model – as the basis for scaffold planning with PERI CAD.

(Graphic: PERI GmbH)

Minster construction hut, Ulm

Scaffolding contractor
Mack Gerüstbau GmbH, Nersingen

Project support
PERI Weissenhorn Branch; PERI Competence Center Industry