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Gerüstbau GmbH
Gerüstbau GmbH
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Geüstbau GmbH
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Mack Gerüstbau GmbH

Thanks to the latest knowledge and technologies, we combine security and flexibility in and around Ulm and thus offer you maximum benefit. Our experienced and competent employees attach great importance to individual solutions so that your project is implemented thoroughly and on time.
Our major customers, small customers and partners appreciate our diversified service portfolio, as well as the support of the construction sites and the quality controls.

We are an excellent master company and a member of the Federal Scaffolding Guild.

Our services

We can provide you with scaffolding and superstructures with high stability, resilience and safety for various areas of application and work.
Our scaffolding is used in various projects – houses, skyscrapers, bridges and chimneys.

In addition to classic scaffolding, we offer event scaffolding, heavy-duty scaffolding and special constructions.
We are happy to answer any further questions or suggestions you may have.

Event scaffolding

Mobile scaffolding

Facade scaffolding

Hanging scaffolding

Industrial scaffolding

Industrial scaffolding

Modular scaffolding

Special constructions

Weather protection roof